Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Public Health Network benefit Canadians?

The Public Health Network is assisting governments and other public health partners in providing a high quality, efficient and responsive public health system for Canadians. A key to the Network’s effectiveness lies in its connectedness: through the Public Health Network, partners are able to share knowledge and expertise, collaborate on shared priorities and strengthen the capacity of the system.

The Public Health Network is a forum for public health experts from across Canada to come together, to raise issues and lay plans – and to make connections – for the benefit of all Canadians.

How does the Public Health Network function in an emergency?

In times of public health emergency the Public Health Network draws on pre-established public health agreements and practices to coordinate the sharing of resources such as information, available lab capacity, medical equipment or health professionals. It also provides scientific and technical advice for managing public health emergencies or emergencies with public health implications.

How do interested public health professionals get involved?

If you are interested in learning more about the Public Health Network and how you might get involved, please contact the PHN Council member representing your province or territory.